Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Courage or Crazy?

I have always believed that you should have the courage to say exactly what you feel and not have any regrets. You feel what you feel, and people have a right to know how you feel about them. I know that I would want to know! So, I've made it a point the past couple weeks to tell people exactly how I feel about them.

Unfortunately, I've only had the chance to do so one time. I told one friend of mine that I'd had a crush on him for a while and thought that we would make a great couple someday. And, much to my surprise, he agreed! And admitted that he'd been crushing on me, too! Nothing is going to come of it, at least not yet, because he is abroad right now and we will both be going to different schools in the fall. But, it was nice to know that I had an admirer.

To be able to buck up and say how I feel was liberating. Maybe I only feel so confident about it because I haven't had any negative feedback yet, but I'm sure it's equally as liberating when the person doesn't appreciate it.

So, to wrap up this extremely short blog, say how you feel! Compile all the courage you can and just blurt it out. Say it to their face or send them a text! (Just be sure to hit send before you change your mind).